advertising, the proceeds of which now covers the site’s reoccurring costs: domain name, accounting software, Wi-Fi and the like,” she said in an e-mail.

While Nelson would love for her site to pay her mortgage, she said that for now she remains a one-woman-show, taking things one step at a time.

Campbell added that for sites covering poorer areas, drawing financial revenue can be even more difficult: “The Rainier Valley is the most impoverished community in Seattle. Ultimately, like a lot of things in a neighborhood like ours, this project has to be a labor of love because our community just doesn’t have the financial infrastructure and business to support a site like the Rainier Valley Post.”

Working all the time

Not every neighborhood news blog is struggling financially. At least one well-known site in Seattle not only draws enough revenue to completely support its editor and founder, it also brings in enough revenue to pay its contributors — a luxury that even the successful Next Door Media sites cannot match. The West Seattle Blog (WSB) is run by co-publishers Tracy Record, site editor, and her husband,